Captive Heart: A Fanlisting Collective

Captive Heart: a fanlisting collective

About the Site

'Captive Heart' is the title of a song by Renaissance, one of my favourite bands. I happened to be listening to one of their albums while I was thinking about building this site, and got to considering some of their song titles as possibilites. This one seemed like a good title for a fanlistings site.

Current Layout
Features an (altered) image from Stock.xchng (original by 'irum'), plus screencaps from Star Trek: Deep Space 9, Torchwood and Babylon 5. Texture from Misplaced Moments.

Past Layouts layout 1
This layout featured my favourite actress, Sigourney Weaver, and used brushes from Annika von Holdt. It was coded with a combination of table and divs, and was my first dark layout, and the first with a right-hand navigation.

layout 1
This layout featured scenes from some favourite old movies (from left to right: Rebecca (1940), It's a Wonderful Life (1946), Brief Encounter (1945), Great Expectations (1946), and Sabrina (1954). Brushes from The Magic Box. Coded with divs.

Site Credits
Thank you to Carol for providing webspace.

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This site is designed and maintained by Cat. It is a non-profit making site, and has no official affiliation with any of the subjects of the fanlistings.