Captive Heart: A Fanlisting Collective

Captive Heart: a fanlisting collective


These are subjects that don't have fanlistings yet, that I'm keeping in mind, and might apply for when I have time if they're not already taken by then...

Auguste Rodin - I hesitate about this one, because I don't know if I know enough about Rodin's work in general, though I admire his sculptures. 'The Kiss' is probably best known but my favourite is a sculpture called 'La Cathedrale'. I'd consider a fanlisting just for that, but does anyone else know it...?

The Chosen / The Promise by Chaim Potok - a vivid and moving pair of novels that bring to life the conflict between tradition and change in Jewish life in America. Or possibly an author fanlisting...
Fitzchivalry and the Fool - relationship from the Robin Hobb Farseer Trilogy etc. The previous fl has vanished.

Brothers in Arms - the album that was my introduction to Dire Straits, and contains several of their best songs.
Pyramid - by the Alan Parsons Project. This is the album that really got my into the music of Alan Parsons.
Ralph Vaughan Williams - English composer of some of my favourite pieces of music.

When Night is Falling - a beautiful but little-known movie by Patricia Rozema
Remains of the Day - I love this film and the original fl closed...

Yes Minister / Yes Prime Minister - the wonderful comedy series

and some others...