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This fanlisting is for Jeff Wayne's musical version of The War of the Worlds, first released in 1978. For more information about the album and the recent live tour, see the info page, or check out the links under etc.

Jeff Wayne's music fits perfectly with the dramatisation of H.G. Well's story. I first heard the album as a child (my brothers owned it on cassette), and it was my first encounter with The War of the Worlds. The dramatic opening chords of "The Eve of the War" which follow the spoken introduction are unforgettable; both this track and the beautiful "Forever Autumn" enjoyed international chart success. The album itself has remained consistently in the UK album charts since its release, and has sold millions of copies worldwide. I now own the remastered version released on CD in 2005 - the tie in with release of the Spielberg film in the same year, plus a live tour for the first time in 2006, has produced a new surge of interest in the album, and I decided it was high time there was a fanlisting devoted to it...

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