Darkness and Light: the fanlisting for The Village soundtrack


The Village is the fourth collaboration between James Newton Howard (composer) and M. Night Shyamalan (director). The soundtrack features the young violinist Hilary Hahn, with piano solos by Randy Kerber.

The film tells the story of a small and isolated village in Pennsylvania, which lives in a delicate balance with 'those we don't speak of' - the mysterious inhabitants of the surrounding woods. No one dares venture beyond the borders of the village, until the headstrong Lucius Hunt plans to step into the unknown. His actions set off a train of events that uncover the hidden secrets of the community, and threaten to change the life of the village forever.

Track Listing

01. Noah Visits
02. What Are You Asking Me?
03. The Bad Color
04. Those We Don't Speak Of
05. Will You Help Me?
06. I Cannot See His Color
07. Rituals
08. The Gravel Road
09. Race to Resting Rock
10. The Forbidden Line
11. The Vote
12. It Is Not Real
13. The Shed Not To Be Used