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Heartbreakers movie poster Sigourney Weaver .... Max Conners
Jennifer Love Hewitt .... Page Conners
Ray Liotta .... Dean Cumanno
Jason Lee .... Jack Withrowe
Anne Bancroft .... Gloria Vogal/Barbara
Jeffrey Jones .... Mr. Appel
Gene Hackman .... William B. Tensy
Nora Dunn .... Miss Madress

Director: David Mirking
Written by: Robert Dunn, Paul Guay and Stephen Mazur

Theatrical Release Date: 23 March 2001 (US)


Beautiful, sexy, and charming, Max is the kind of woman guys go nuts for. She's also a crafty strategist who marries rich rubes only to divorce them for settlement money when they're caught with their pants down. Her plan wouldn't work without an accomplice, though, another sexy shyster to maneuver the target into, um, position.

Someone like her daughter.

Max (Sigourney Weaver) and Page (Jennifer Love Hewitt) are consummate con artists, a mother-daughter duo who've made a hilarious art out of the bamboozle. But while pulling a swindle on quirky cigarette tycoon William B. Tensy (Gene Hackman), Page meets the ultimate boyfriend-next-door (Jason Lee) and soon does the unthinkable - she falls in love. Things like morals and a conscience start to surface, and with a vengeful ex hot on their heels, a dead body in the trunk, and their screwball scam falling to pieces, mother and daughter are forced to square off and examine their crazy relationship to keep their own hearts in one piece.

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