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The Guys


The Guys movie poster Sigourney Weaver .... Joan
Anthony LaPaglia .... Nick
Irene Walsh .... Joan's Sister
Jim Simpson .... Joan's Husband
Charlotte Simpson .... Joan's Daughter
Julian Trompeter .... Joan's Son
Katharine Schreiber .... Sister's Daughter
Lucas DeBassac .... Sister's Son
Joshua Ross .... Sister's Infant
Alfredo Narciso .... Diner Cashier
Julia Nelson Black .... Acolyte
David Nelson Black .... Acolyte

Directed by: Jim Simpson
Written by: Anne Nelson
Threatrical release date: 4 April 2003 (US, limited)


In this powerfully moving and unexpectedly humorous film, Joan, a New York City journalist, is called upon to help Nick, a fire captain, write a series of eulogies for the men he lost at the World Trade Center in the 9/11 tragedy. As the fireman begins to open up and work through his grief, the two form an unexpected bond and we rediscover the quiet heroism that informs all of our daily lives.

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Latest Projects

Prayers for Bobby
Status: In production

Crazy on the Outside
Status: In production
Release date: 2009


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