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Une Femme ou Deux


Une Femme ou Deux movie poster Gérard Depardieu ... Julien Chayssac
Sigourney Weaver ... Jessica Fitzgerald
Ruth Westheimer ... Mrs. Heffner
Michel Aumont ... Pierre Carriere
Zabou ... Constance Michaux
Jean-Pierre Bisson ... Gino
Yann Babilée ... Alex
Maurice Barrier ... Le maire
Robert Blumenfeld ... Patrick
Michel Goldman ... Maxwell
Adrian Howard ... L'assistante de Patrick
Axel Bogousslavsky ... Antoine
Tannis Vallely ... Zoé
Jean-Quentin Châtelain ... Homère
André Julien ... Le vieux

Director: Daniel Vigne
Written by: Élisabeth Rappeneau and Daniel Vigne

Theatrical Release Date: 6 November 1985 (France)


A young French palaeontologist discovers the fossilized remains of the first French woman, 2 million years old, and applies to an American research foundation for a grant to continue his work. American advertising executive, Jessica Fitzgerald pretends to be the foundation director in order to use the woman for her own perfume advertising campaign. When the real director turns up, the complications begin.




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