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Dave movie poster Kevin Kline .... Dave Kovic/Bill Mitchell
Sigourney Weaver .... Ellen Mitchell
Frank Langella .... Bob Alexander
Kevin Dunn .... Alan Reed
Ving Rhames .... Duane Stevenson
Ben Kingsley .... Vice-President Nance
Charles Grodin .... Murray Blum
Faith Prince .... Alice
Laura Linney .... Randi

Director: Roman Polanski
Written by: Rafael Yglesias and Ariel Dorfman

Theatrical Release Date: 7 May 1993 (US)


Dave Kovic runs an employment agency and genuinely enjoys finding work for people who need it. He also bears a striking resemblance to the president of the United States, Bill Mitchell, and occasionally gets work as a Bill Mitchell impersonator. One day, Dave gets a call from the Secret Service - for security purposes, they want to hire him to act as a decoy for an upcoming appearance by the president. All goes well, but later that evening President Mitchell suffers a massive stroke while in bed with his mistress. Wanting to keep the matter a secret, two of the president's top advisors appeal to Dave to continue to stand in as Bill Mitchell. One of the men behind this scheme, Bob Alexander, sees this as an opportunity to promote his own right-wing political agenda, and pave his way into office. He persuades Dave that Vice-President Nance is unfit to take over, and makes sure Nance is discredited in the press. However, Alexander has not reckoned with Dave having a few ideas of his own, nor with the influence of First Lady Ellen Mitchell, who sees in Dave the idealism her husband left behind years ago.




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Prayers for Bobby
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Crazy on the Outside
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Release date: 2009


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