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Copycat movie poster Sigourney Weaver .... Helen Hudson
Holly Hunter .... M.J. Monahan
Dermot Mulroney .... Ruben Goetz
William McNamara .... Peter Foley
Will Patton .... Nicoletti
Harry Connick, Jr. .... Daryll Lee Cullum

Director: Jon Amiel
Written by: Ann Biderman and David Madsen

Theatrical Release Date: 27 October 1995 (US)


A new killer stalks the streets of San Francisco. On the case is homicide detective M.J. Monahan. With the help of her partner Ruben, she enlists the help of criminal psychologist Helen Hudson, the reigning expert on serial killers. However, Hudson has become agoraphobic after a close brush with killer Daryll Lee Cullum. Though he has finally been locked up, she is unable to function outside her apartment. Drawing on her career and her vast knowledge, she figures out the killer's game. Despite the differences between the murders, she knows that they are the work of one man: one with a knowledge of history, and an obsession for re-creating the brutal murders of some of the country's most notorious serial killers. But she cannot predit the style or timing of the next murder, and as she investiagates further, she finds herself being drawn into the killer's snare.




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Prayers for Bobby
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Crazy on the Outside
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Release date: 2009


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