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Company Man


Company Man movie poster Douglas McGrath .... Allen Quimp
Sigourney Weaver .... Daisy Quimp
John Turturro .... Crocker Johnson
Anthony LaPaglia .... Fidel Castro
Ryan Phillippe .... Rudolph Petrov
Denis Leary .... Fry
Woody Allen .... Lowther
Alan Cumming .... Gen. Batista

Directed and written by: Peter Askin and David McGrath

Theatrical Release Date: 9 March 2001 (US)


Former Woody Allen collaborator Douglas McGrath co-wrote, co-directed, and stars in this historical screwball comedy that offers up its own creative suggestion as to what might have spawned 1961's Bay of Pigs invasion. McGrath plays Allen Quimp, a nebbish schoolteacher who -- in an attempt to appease his browbeating wife Daisy (Sigourney Weaver) -- boasts that he leads a double life as a CIA operative. Daisy immediately sets to work writing a tell-all biography, and as his rumor spreads, Quimp bumbles his way into working at an actual CIA post in Cuba. There, he's confronted by a Cold War vigilante (John Turturro) who enlists his help in taking down the country's communist strongman, Fidel Castro (Anthony LaPaglia).

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