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Alien³ movie poster Sigourney Weaver .... Ellen Ripley
Charles S. Dutton .... Dillon
Charles Dance .... Clemens
Paul McGann .... Golic
Brian Glover .... Andrews
Ralph Brown .... Aaron
Danny Webb .... Morse
Christopher John Fields .... Rains
Holt McCallany .... Junior
Lance Henriksen .... Bishop II
Chris Fairbank .... Murphy
Carl Chase .... Frank
Leon Herbert .... Boggs
Vincenzo Nicoli .... Jude
Pete Postlethwaite .... David

Directed by: David Fincher
Written by: David Giler, Walter Hill and Larry Ferguson

Theatrical Release Date: 22 May 1992 (US)


Alien³ picks up almost directly after the events in Aliens. While in cryo-sleep on the journey back to Earth, a fire on the Sulaco forces the main computer to eject the cryo-capsules in an Emergency Escape Vehicle. Ellen Ripley is the only survivor when the EEV crash lands on Fiorina 161, a bleak wasteland inhabited by former inmates of the planet's maximum security prison. She finds herself an unwelcome visitor among a group of violent criminals who have found religion.

Ripely soon realises that an alien was aboard the ship and has survived. Without weapons or modern technology of any kind, Ripley leads the men into battle against it. She also discovers that she is carrying the embryo of an alien Queen, which impels the lurking alien to protect her at all costs. The prisoners use this to their advantage, and plan to use her as bait to lure the alien into a trap. Meanwhile, Company representatives are sent to the planet to acquire the alien for their Bio-Weapons Division, but Ripley is still determined to prevent the creature from arriving on Earth.

Synopsis adapted from Fox


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