Blue Touches Blue: the Noa fanlisting

About this fanlisting

I was introduced to Noa's music by a friend several years ago, and went straight out and bought her album 'Blue Touches Blue'. She has a fantastic voice, and her songs are powerful and moving. I also admire her political stance, and the way that she has been a powerful advocate of peace in the Middle east, using her art to promote understanding and dialogue. For more about Noa and her work, visit the info section.

I chose the title 'Blue Touches Blue' for this site, both because it remains my favourite among her albums, and because the title hints at a sense of connection that is fundamental to her art. This is what Noa wrote about the title song from the album on her official site:

Everything I need, strength, love, answers, music, singing my inside out, all these yearnings are concentrated in that point in the horizon where blue touches blue. There, depth and height, sadness and joy, hope and despair meet. This meeting point of sky and sea where rational touches irrational is in my mind the birthplace of all creativity.

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