Hidden Lives: the Middlemarch fanlisting


Dorothea Brooke (Dodo): A serious and idealistic but initially rather na´ve young woman. Her desire to escape from her comfortable but constraining home and find a greater purpose for her life leads her into an oppressive marriage with Rev Mr. Casaubon. However, his early death leaves her free to pursue (eventually) a happier life with Will Ladislaw.

Celia Brooke (Kitty): Dorothea's younger sister. More conventional than Dorothea, Celia can also be more sensible and perceptive about people and the Middlemarch world around her. She marries Sir James Chettam.

Mr. Arthur Brooke: Dorothea and Celia's guardian and uncle. He is a stubborn but rather ineffectual man, well-meaning, but with old-fashioned ideas about the role of women. He is known as one of the worst landlords in the area, but despite this has ambitions to stand for parliament as a candidate for Reform.

Edward Casaubon: Dorothea's middle-aged husband, a pedantic scholar with little emotion. He is engaged on "The Key to All Mythologies," a work that is supposed to integrate his life's learning, but which he appears to have no intention of finishing. He is also a man prone to jealousy and insecurity, leading him to be suspicious of his young wife, Dorothea.

Sir James Chettam: Neighbour of Mr Brooke. A sensible and kind-hearted man, he wishes to marry Dorothea, but does not match her ideals. After she rejects him, he marries her sister Celia.

Mr. Cadwallader: Clergyman and neighbour of Mr Brooke and Sir James.

Mrs. Cadwallader: Wife of Mr. Cadwallader, a pragmatic lady with decided views and a strong interest in the affairs of those around her.

Will Ladislaw: Young cousin of Mr. Casaubon. His grandmother married beneath her social status, and was cut off from the family a result. He is intelligent and ambitious, but lacks a sense of direction until he meets and falls in love with Dorothea.

Dr. Tertius Lydgate: A young, idealistic and ambitious doctor who has recently moved to Middlemarch. His ideals are frustrated by his imprudent marriage to the beautiful but selfish Rosamond Vincy, which leads him into debt, and by his involvement with the banker Bulstrode.

Rosamond Vincy: A strong-willed and vain young woman who is determined that she will not marry an ordinary Middlemarch man. She is attracted to Lydgate as an outsider with good family connections, but finds that marriage is not all she hoped it would be.

Fred Vincy: Rosamond's brother, good-hearted but inclined to idleness and gambling. He is in love with Mary Garth, but she disapproves of his ambition to be a clergyman, believing he is ill suited to the role.

Mr. Vincy: Rosamond and Fred's father, and mayor of Middlemarch. He is hard working merchant, and determined to raise his children to a higher social standing.

Mrs. Vincy: Wife of Mr. Vincy, who encourages Rosamond's social ambitions.

Mary Garth: Oldest child of the Garths, she works for Mr. Featherstone at Stone Court until his death. Plain and poor, but practical, with great intelligence and kindness, she is Fred's childhood sweetheart and longs to see him adopt a more steady life.

Caleb Garth: Mary's father, a hard-working estate-manager, known for his honesty. He is poor but generous, and helps Fred to find his path in life.

Mrs. Garth: Wife of Caleb, who teaches her own and the village children. As hard-working and honest but less forgiving than her husband when it comes to Fred Vincy.

Mr. Featherstone: Wealthy and invalid owner of Stone Court, and uncle of Fred and Rosamund.

Mr. Rigg: Featherstone's illegitimate son, who unexpectedly inherits Stone Court.

Mr. Bulstrode: Middlemarch banker, involved in many of the town's institutions. He appears very pious, and attempts to impose his own brand of Christianity on Middlemarch society, but hides a disreputable past.

Mrs. Bulstrode: Wife of Mr Bulstrode, and sister of Mr. Vincy.

Mr Farebrother: A clergyman and friend of Lydgate, in love with Mary Garth.

Mr. Tyke: Another clergyman in the area, favoured by Bulstrode.

Mr. Raffles: Rigg's stepfather, and former business partner of Bulstrode who returns to blackmail him.