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This fanlisting is for the Isle of Iona, one of the Hebridean Islands off the coast of Scotland. It is a place with a long history, and has become a center of pilgrimage for many. For more information about the history of the island, see under info.

I have visited Iona twice, the first time for a period of six weeks, when I worked as a volunteer for the Iona Community. It is one of the most peaceful places I have visited - part of that is because it seems so far away from anywhere. Once you've reached the West coast of Scotland you need to travel by ferry, then bus across the island of Mull, and then another small ferry to Iona. Sometimes when the sea is too rough, the ferries won't run. It is well worth the journey though. There is something special about the atmosphere of the island. Many people say that the spiritual world feels much closer on Iona. George MacLeod, founder of the Iona Community, described it as 'a thin place', where earth and heaven almost touch.

I used to love just setting out from the abbey and following wherever my feet wanted to go. The island is so small it's impossible to get really lost there. Like many others, I have a collection of beautiful multi-coloured pebbles that I've collected from Columba's bay and other coves on the island. I often visited the north end, sometimes after dark - so far from the lights of major cities, I could see more stars that I had ever seen before, and the path of the milky way overhead.

It is a place that holds many special memories for me, and that I would love to return to, and so I wanted to create this fanlisting...

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