Don't Panic: the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy fanlisting

About this fanlisting

This is the fanlisting for the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy radio series by Douglas Adams, the original format in which the Hitchhiker's story was brought to the world. The first radio series, in six episodes or 'fits' (an archaic term for a section of a poem used by Lewis Carroll in The Hunting of the Snark) was broadcast in 1978. Its huge success lead to its adaptation as a book, and a second radio series: a 'Christmas special' broadcast in 1978 became the first fit of this series, with the remaining fits broadcast in 1980. Four further books, a tv show and a film followed. In 2004-2005, after Adam's death, three new radio series were broadcast, adapted from the last three books by Dirk Maggs, following instructions from Adams.

I was introduced to the Guide a child, and I grew up quoting Marvin the Paranoid Android, babel fish, and of course the Ultimate Answer of forty-two. Although I have enjoyed subsequent versions of the Guide, the original radio series remain my favourite. To me they are the prime example of Adams' wacky humour and satirical take on human nature, and remain as funny as when I first heard them.

The first two series were originally known simply as 'Series One and Two'; however Adams later suggested that they be titled the 'Primary Phase' and 'Secondary Phase', with the new series becoming the 'Tertiary', 'Quandary' and 'Quintessential' Phases. This fanlisting covers all phases of the radio series, though fans can choose for which phases they would like to be listed as fans.

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