Stranger in a Strange Land: The fanlisting for The Gandalara Cycle

About this fanlisting

This fanlisting is for the series of books that make up The Gandalara Cycle. This was a relatively recent discovery for me - a dear friend mentioned them to me, and though they are not in print in the UK, I went and found a copy of Volume 1 at abebooks. The story starts out as an exciting adventure, and from the beginning hints at a mystery behind the world that is Gandalara. Each volume in the series introduces a new piece of the jigsaw, until the final book reveals the full picture. They combine classic elements of sci-fi/fantasy adventure with an original concept. The characters and the society of Gandalara are vividly depicted, and the story well told - it kept me guessing all the way through, and I couldn't rest until I'd read through to the end of the series.

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