Captive Heart: A Fanlisting Collective

Captive Heart: a fanlisting collective



Sigourney Weaver

Title: Dreamweaver
Subject: Sigourney Weaver
TFL Category: Actresses
Adopted: 26 August 2006 from Jenn
Members: 309 (0)
Last updated: 06 Oct 2021

My favourite actress for several years now, ever since I saw the Alien movies. She's one of the most striking and powerful actresses around, and very versatile.


Brief Encounter

Title: No Time At All
Subject: Brief Encounter (1945)
TFL Category: Movies
Opened: 10 May 2006
Members: 13 (0)
Last updated: 06 October 2021

A classic British film, this has been one of my favourite romantic movies for some time. It is very well constructed and beautifully shot.

Alien Series

Title: Origin: Unknown
Subject: Alien Series
TFL Category: Movies
Opened: 10 September 2007
Members: 90 (0)
Last updated: 06 October 2021

Classic sci-fi/action/horror series starring Sigourney Weaver.

2001: A Space Odyssey

Title: Beyond the Infinite
Subject: 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)
TFL Category: Movies
Opened: 12 Aug 2008
Members: 28 (0)
Last updated: 06 October 2021

Classic sci-fi film directed by Stanley Kubrick.

Characters / Relationships

Ellen Ripley & Annalee Call

Title: Outsiders
Subject: Ellen Ripley and Annalee Call
TFL Category: Relationships: Book/Movie (Alien Series)
Opened: 6 April 2007
Members: 35 (0)
Last updated: October 6, 2021

The relationship between the two principal characters in the fourth 'Alien' movie, Alien Resurrection.


Title: Shadows of Twilight
Subject: Elrond
TFL Category: Characters: Book/Movie (Lord of the Rings, The and other Middle-earth Books)
Opened: 1 August 2008
Members: 107 (15)
Last updated: 06 October 2021

One of my favourite of Tolkien's characters, Elrond was portrayed by Hugo Weaving in the Peter Jackson movie trilogy. The fanlisting was integrated into my already-existing Elrond fansite.