7.02 Imperfection

When Seven's cortical node begins to malfunction, Janeway is determined to find a way to save her. She takes the Delta Flyer to the debris of a Borg vessel in order to salvage a node from a dead drone. However, simulations on the holodeck show that attempting to replace Seven's node with the salvaged node will fail. Janeway is almost ready to confront a Borg vessel in order to obtain a functioning node, but a solution is presented by Icheb who believes he can survive without a node if his own is used to replace Seven's.

This is the last episode to give substantial time to the relationship between the Captain and Seven. The progress of the relationship is summarised in the touching scene between them in astrometrics, when Seven reveals that she believes she has disappointed the Captain by remaining incomplete as an individual. Janeway tells her, 'You haven't failed, Seven. You've exceeded my expectations. You've become an individual, an extraordinary individual. If I'm having trouble accepting your condition it's only because I don't want to lose a friend.

7.13 Repentance

After responding to a distress call, Voyager becomes the transport for a group of condemned prisoners. When one is injured, the Doctor uses some of Seven's nanoprobes to save his life. This has the side-effect of curing a genetic defect which had made him prone to violence. Seven becomes an advocate for an appeal against the death sentence, believe that the prisoner is no longer the same person who committed the crime.

This episode brings the culmination of the theme exploring Seven's remorse for her former actions as a Borg drone. Once the Seven of 'Day of Honour' who claimed that 'guilt is irrelevant', she now tells the Captain that she feels it is unfair that this prisoner is punished, while she is not. It is Janeway who identifies Seven's concern with the prisoner as a mark of her lingering guilt over her past, offers her support and tells her that she cannot hold herself responsible for the actions of the Collective.

7.18 Human Error

Seven becomes increasing caught up in holo-simulations she has designed to explore her social and romantic experience.

Very little Janeway and Seven in this episode, though there is a nice moment during one of Seven's simulations, when she tells the Captain, 'Since I arrived on Voyager, your guidance has been invaluable.'

7.25-26 Endgame

Voyager has returned to the Alpha Quadrant, but a journey lasting another 16 years had its costs - including the death of Seven of Nine. Ten years on, Admiral Janeway determines to change the past and travels back in time to persuade her younger self that there is a short way home. However, Captain Janeway has other ideas when she discovers that the route offered by the Admiral may also offer a way to deliver a crippling blow to the Borg.

Although Captain Janeway is initially unwilling to think about taking the short cut home, it seems to be the news of Seven's future death that affects her most strongly and makes her begin to consider the possibility. The Admiral tells her that Seven will die shortly after marrying Chakotay, and that, 'He'll never be the same after Seven's death, and neither will you.' There is also a brief scene in which the Admiral pleads with Seven to use her influence with the Captain, and to consider the impact of her death on those who love her.