6.13 Virtuoso

The Doctor believes he has found his future as a singer on an alien planet.

Just one short and light-hearted Janeway and Seven scene, when Seven is alarmed by excessive communications directed from the planet to the Doctor, which the captain informs her is 'fan mail'.

6.16 Collective

The Delta Flyer is captured by a Borg Cube, but all the adult drones are dead and the Cube is manned only by Borg children. When Seven discovers that the Collective has abandoned the vessel, Janeway encourages Seven to persuade the children to come to Voyager, believing that Seven could help them rediscover their individual identities.

6.19 Child's Play

The Captain tells Seven that one of the children, Icheb, will be returned to his parents. Seven is reluctant to let him go, but the Captain insists that he be given the choice. However, when Seven discovers that his parents have lied about the circumstances of his assimilation, she persuades the Captain to return to the planet, only to find the Icheb was genetically engineered as a 'weapon' against the Borg, and has been placed on a shuttle as bait for another Borg vessel.

6.20 Good Shepherd

Seven's 'efficiency report' reveals that three crewmembers are not coping with their duties on Voyager. The Captain sets about integrating them into the life of the ship, telling Seven, 'I won't abandon a member of this crew, no matter what their problems might be.'

6.26-7.01 Unimatrix Zero

Seven is contacted by a group of Borg drones able to experience life as individuals while regenerating. However, their refuge in 'Unimatrix Zero' is under threat from the Borg Queen. Tuvok establishes a telepathic link between Seven and the Captain so that Janeway can accompany Seven to Unimatrix Zero. Janeway is then determined to find a way of enabling the drones to maintain their memories of individuality in the real world, so that they can mount a resistance against the Borg.

Inside Unimatrix Zero, Janeway sees a different side of Seven, who is known there by her human name, Annika. Seven initially considers her experience there 'irrelevant', but Janeway encourages her not to disregard this aspect of herself. In Part II, Janeway herself undergoes physical assimilation in order to infiltrate a Borg vessel - an experience which gives her a greater appreciation of some of the hardships Seven had encountered in readapting to human existence.