5.26-6.01 Equinox

The crew is excited to encounter another Starfleet vessel stranded in the Delta Quadrant. However, when Janeway discovers that Captain Ransom has been destroying life-forms to speed his journey home, she is determined to stop him.

Seven tells the Captain that she is curious to learn more about humanity from the encounter with this crew. However, when she is stranded on the Equinox and Ransom offers her the chance to continue her exploration of humanity as part of his crew, she declares that he would be 'an inferior role model' to Janeway.

6.02 Survival Instinct

Seven is approached by three former drones who are bound together in a three-way neural link, and believe that she holds the key to explaining what has happened to them.

Not much Janeway and Seven in this episode, but the two discuss the concept of 'family' and how it relates to Seven's eagerness to help the former drones.

6.07 Dragon's Teeth

Without authorisation, Seven reactivates a stasis chamber on a planet in the grip of a nuclear winter. She is eager to help the alien rebuild his civilisation, but then it appears that he has been less than honest about his past, and his species appear set to continue their former life of conquest. Seven admits to the Captain that although she intended an act of compassion, she believes she made a mistake in not considering the possible consequences.

6.08 One Small Step

Voyager encounters a rare phenomenon which Seven identifies as a mass of subspace energy. When they discover traces of a command module from an early Mars mission inside the phenomenon, the Captain decides to attempt to retrieve it. She encourages Seven to 'volunteer' for the mission, hoping to develop Seven's appreciation of history.

This episode seems like the culmination of a thread running through several episodes on connecting with the past, in one form or another - personal, familial, and cultural. Seven's ability to connect to the experience of the module's pilot as significant to the story of humanity and thus to her own story is presented as a milestone on her journey back to humanity.

6.09 The Voyager Conspiracy

After Seven modifies her alcove to download statistics while she is regenerating, the information overload causes her to start constructing conspiracy theories about Voyager's presence in the Delta Quadrant. When her paranoia drives her to attempt an escape in a shuttle, Janeway beams aboard to remind Seven of the connection that has grown between them and to convince her to trust her again.

Another key episode, which gives a touching insight into the Captain's own perspective on her relationship with Seven as she recounts some of its significant moments.