5.15-16 Dark Frontier

Janeway is determined to capture a transwarp coil from the Borg, and asks Seven to read through her parents logs on their studies of the Borg, to help develop a plan to infiltrate a Borg sphere. Seven is contacted by the Borg Queen, who tells her she is aware of the plan, and offers to spare Voyager if Seven will return to the Collective. When the Captain decides that Seven should not join the away team, believing that she has been unsettled by the research into her past, Seven insists that she must accompany them. Once on the cube, and with the coil, Seven tells Janeway that she has decided to rejoin the Borg.

Back on Voyager, Janeway discovers traces of the Borg transmission to Seven's alcove. Realising that Seven was coerced into leaving Voyager, she is determined to mount a rescue mission and leads a team in pursuit of the sphere. Meanwhile, Seven has been linked to the collective mind but not reassimilated, as the Queen wishes to draw on her experience of individuality. When Janeway beams aboard the sphere and confronts the Queen, Seven is momentarily caught between the domination of the Queen and her Captain's commands. But when Janeway is threatened with assimilation, Seven tells her how to disrupt the Queen's command to the drones, enabling their escape.

These are key episodes in the Janeway and Seven relationship, marking Seven's commitment to humanity even when offered the choice of a Borg existence that preserves her individuality. Seven also discovers the depth of the Captain's commitment to her - she confesses that she had not expected Janeway to return for her after her apparent 'defection'.

5.20 Think Tank

When Voyager is attacked by bounty hunters, the Captain is contacted by an alien who offers to the assistance of his 'think tank' to find a peaceful solution to this problem. She is horrified to discover that Seven is one of the items he wants in payment for this assistance, but he persuades her to offer Seven herself the option of joining the think tank. Seven is grateful to the Captain for allowing her the choice, and is intrigued, but declines. However, the alien will not take no for an answer, and they discover that the bounty hunters were in fact hired by him as part of a ploy to capture Seven.

5.22 Someone to Watch Over Me

When she discovers that Seven has been observing romantic relationships among the crew, Janeway suggests she might like to experiment with romance first hand.

5.23 11:59

The Captain enlists Seven's help in researching an ancestor, Shannon O'Donnell, and encourages Seven to research her own family history. When Janeway discovers that her ancestor's life wasn't all the family legends had made it out to be, Seven is among those who insist that she should not discount the impact stories of Shannon O'Donnell had made on her.

5.24 Relativity

Seven is recruited by the time-ship Relativity to travel back in time and attempt to prevent an act of sabotage on Voyager. In the process, Seven is discovered by an earlier version of Captain Janeway. Seven pleads for her trust, and enlists her help in pursuing the saboteur.

As in several other episodes, the theme of trust between Seven and the Captain is significant in this one. The Captain Janeway whom Seven encounters in the past seems to trust her almost instinctively, just as she will instinctively believe that Seven's humanity can be reclaimed from the Borg.