5.02 Drone

When some of Seven's nanoprobes fuse with the Doctor's mobile emitter in a transporter malfunction a new and highly advanced Borg drone develops. Despite Seven's doubts, Janeway assigns her to instruct him in the ways of humanity.

This episode reaffirms Seven's commitment to Voyager - when the Drone questions her and Janeway about her Borg past, she tells him - and the Captain - 'Voyager is my collective now'.

5.04 In the Flesh

The crew discover an outpost of Species 8472, designed as a simulation of Starfleet Headquarters.

This episode continues Janeway and Seven's debate on the advisability of extending compassion - or in this case, trust - to Species 8472. This time, Seven acknowledges that by risking trust, the Captain avoided a conflict which had seemed to her inevitable.

5.07 Infinite Regress

A Borg vinculum that has been infected with a virus causes the personalities of individuals assimilated by the Borg to surface within Seven. The Captain attempts to reassure Seven that they will find a cure, and sets about retrieving the vinculum so that it can be deactivated.

5.11 Latent Image

The Doctor discovers that a portion of his memories have been erased. Faced with the prospect that his programme will destabilise again, the Captain orders that his programme be rewritten. However, Seven compares the Doctor's situation to her own, arguing that Janeway has allowed him to develop beyond his original programme, as she allowed Seven to develop from a Borg drone, and that the individuality he has gained should be respected.

This is the first time we see the Captain reverse a decision as a result of Seven's arguments. In a rather touching sequence, the Captain reverses their roles by visiting Seven in the Cargo bay with her own 'problem on the nature of individuality'. She asks Seven if the difficulty she has encountered in becoming an individual was worth while, to which Seven responds, 'If I could change what happened, erase what you did to me, would I? No.'

5.14 Bliss

The crew discover what appears to be a wormhole back to the Alpha Quadrant and receive messages from Starfleet full of good news. Seven suspects a deception, but the Captain dismisses her concerns as a renewal of her anxiety about returning to earth. However, Seven breaks restrictions on the Captain's logs to find that Janeway herself was initially suspicious, and discovers that the crew are being manipulated by a telepathic space organism.