4.18-19 The Killing Game

The Hirogens take control of Voyager and use technology to make the crew believe they are characters in various conflict simulations on the holodecks. The Captain and Seven are part of a resistance movement in World War 2; when the Doctor finds a way for Seven to maintain her consciousness within the simulation she must find a way to disable other neural interfaces without arousing 'Katrin's' suspicions. Once the Captain is also freed, she and Seven must work together on a plan to liberate the rest of the crew.

4.21 The Omega Directive

When sensors detect traces of the highly dangerous 'omega' molecule, the Captain enlists Seven's help in devising a plan to destroy it. For Seven the molecule as an image of perfection, long sought by the Borg, and she believes she can find a way to stabilise it. Janeway insists that the risks are too great, but just before omega is destroyed the molecules stabilise spontaneously, giving Seven a glimpse of 'perfection'.

This is a key episode in the relationship between the two characters, in which they work together despite their different views on omega; it shows Janeway a new aspect of Seven, highlighted in the final scene in which she discovers Seven in Da Vinci's studio, seeking understanding of her new 'spiritual experience'.

4.25 One

Voyager must pass through a nebula which emits radiation fatal to all but the Doctor and Seven. Despite Chakotay's fears, Janeway leaves Seven in control of the ship while she and the rest of the crew are put into stasis.

This episode shows Seven's eagerness to prove to the Captain that she is up to the task, and amply justifies Janeway's confidence in her, as Seven ultimately shows that she willing to risk her own life to save the crew.

4.26 Hope and Fear

An alien assists in the decryption of a message received from Starfleet, leading the crew to a vessel equipped with slipstream technology, apparently designed for a speedy journey home. Seven is less then thrilled by the prospect, and tells the Captain she wishes to remain behind. However, the Captain discovers that the alien has deceived them and he reveals that he holds a grudge against the Voyager crew for their alliance with the Borg. When he activates the slipstream drive to take them to Borg space, Janeway and Seven are trapped aboard.

In this episode Seven's ambivalence towards her return to humanity comes to a head. At first she accuses the Captain of attempting to 'manipulate' her development, but when faced with the prospect of reassimilation she admits that her desire to remain behind was based on fear, and that she does not wish to return to the Borg. We also get to see Janeway and Seven engaged in games of Velocity - apparently one of the Captain's few regular social engagements.