4.10 Random Thoughts

One short but rather amusing Janeway and Seven scene that builds the theme of Seven's willingness to question Janeway: after a visit to a world of telepaths nearly results in the loss of B'elanna and Tuvok, Seven marches uninvited into the Captain's ready room to argue against the risks of following Starfleet's mission of exploration.

4.12 Mortal Coil

When Neelix is killed on an away mission, Seven uses her Borg nanoprobes to revive him.

Again, little Janeway and Seven interaction; but there is the rather nice scene during the celebration of the Talaxian festival of Prixin, in which the Captain invites Seven to enter into the spirit of the party.

4.15 Hunters

Voyager receives a message from Starfleet containing letters for the crew, via one of the Hirogen relay stations. When the transmission begins to degrade, Seven volunteers to take a shuttle closer and attempt to stabilise it. Janeway sends Tuvok to accompany her, and both are taken hostage by the Hirogen.

This episode begins to explore Seven's feelings about a possible return to earth, when the Captain prompts her to consider that she may still have family there. It also reveals Seven's concern for the Captain's good opinion, when she reveals her suspicions that Tuvok's presence on the mission shows that the Captain does not yet fully trust her.

4.16 Prey

When Voyager encounters a wounded member of Species 8472, pursued by a Hirogen, Janeway decides to attempt to assist the creature to return to its own space. Seven, however, refuses to assist. Janeway and Seven's disagreement over the whether compassion can be extended to a creature as dangerous as Species 8472 leads to Seven's most serious act of disobedience against her Captain: when both the alien and the Hirogen break loose on Voyager, Seven beams them to a nearby Hirogen ship. In consequence of this violation of orders, the Captain determines that Seven's duties must be restricted.

4.17 Retrospect

Seven's violent reaction to an alien trader and subsequent displays of fear lead the Doctor to attempt to uncover repressed memories

Little Janeway and Seven in this episode - when the incident with the trader is first brought to the Captain's attention, she concludes that traditional discipline appears to have little effect on Seven, and tries to persuade her to consider the difference between 'having an impulse' and 'acting on it'. However, most of the episode focuses more on the Doctor's role in attempting to act as psychologist rather than on exploring Seven's experience.