4.01 Scorpion, Part II

Captain Janeway's alliance with the Borg against Species 8472 leads to a small group of drones being transported back to Voyager with the captain when the Borg cube on which they were working is destroyed. The captain is critically injured, and when Chakotay decides to end the alliance the Borg are ejected, but one drone survives. When she attempts to take control of the ship, Voyager's survival depends on severing her link to the Borg collective.

This is the first episode in which we meet Seven of Nine, who is assigned as the 'liaison' between Captain Janeway and the collective. From the beginning, Janeway recognises Seven's human origins, and is curious whether her memory of her life before assimilation can still be reached.

4.02 The Gift

With her link to the collective severed, Seven's body begins to reject many of her Borg implants. Although she knows that Seven rejects a human identity, Janeway orders the doctor to remove the implants in order to save Seven's life. She is then faced with the difficult task of reaching out to Seven, in the hope that she will in time accept her humanity and a place in Voyager's crew.

This episode establishes the bond that grows between Seven and the Captain, who offers support despite Seven's resistance, and succeeds in reaching out to Seven's buried memories of the child Annika Hansen.

4.03 Day of Honour

Seven is granted her first duty assignment, to assist with an investigation of transwarp technology in engineering, and an encounter with the Caatati brings her face to face with a species all but wiped out by the Borg. When an experiment with a transwarp conduit results in Voyager ejecting its warp core, the Caatati take possession of the core and demand supplies - and Seven of Nine - as compensation for its return.

The Captain's conversation with Seven about "unexpected acts of kindness" which Seven has experienced from the crew, and which she suggests also prompts Seven's inspiration to solve the Caatati's problem of supplies, introduces the theme of kindness and compassion which is an ongoing thread in their debates.

4.06 The Raven

A Borg homing signal causes some of Seven's Borg implants are reactivated, and she also begins to experience images of her assimilation and of a large black bird. When Seven leaves Voyager in search of the Borg ship she believes must be nearby, the Captain is determined to recover her, believing that the key to Seven's actions can be found in her unsettling visions. Seven's journey brings her face to face with her past, in the form of the wreck of her parents' vessel, 'The Raven'.

This episode also opens with the first of Seven's visits to Da Vinci's Studio - one of Janeway's favourite holo-programmes - in which she attempts to show Seven the importance of imagination.

4.08-09 Year of Hell

Voyager is caught up in attempts by the Krenim to alter the time-line and restore their lost imperium.

There is little Janeway and Seven interaction in these episodes, but it is the first time we see Janeway working with Seven as her astrometrics officer, and also the first time Seven openly challenges the Captain when she believes a decision to be mistaken.