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Chakotay (to Janeway):I know your bond with Seven is unique, different from everyone else's. From the beginning, you've seen things in her that no one else could. (from Episode 093 'One')

This fanlisting is for the relationship between Captain Kathryn Janeway and Seven of Nine, two characters in the TV show, Star Trek: Voyager. This is my favourite TV show, and Captain Janeway was always one of my favourite characters in it. I love the way her relationship with Seven of Nine develops, after Seven joins the show at the beginning of Season 4. The title was inspired by a quote from the episode 'The Gift', when Seven says to Janeway, 'I don't remember being human. I don't know what it is to be human.'

Seven is a human who was assimilated by the Borg as a child, and when she is separated from the Borg collective, Captain Janeway is determined to help her adjust to life on Voyager and regain her lost human identity. Gradually she rediscovers her humanity with Janeway as her mentor and role-model. It isn't only Seven who learns from the relationship - she has a strong will of her own, and frequently challenges the Captain. Gradually they become friends. For more on this, see the episode summaries.

Quite a number of fans thought that the relationship could have developed further, and there is an online fandom devoted to the 'subtext' which might suggest a romantic attachment between the Captain and her Borg. This fanlisting is for fans of any aspects of the relationship. You are welcome to join whether you are a fan of the relationship of Janeway to Seven as her mentor, the way they work together, argue together, their friendship, or whether you think they'd make a cute couple...

Please note: there was a previous fanlisting for Janeway and Seven which dropped of the listings at thefanlistings.org long ago due to lack of updates, and appears to have been abandoned for several years. This is the current, active fanlisting.

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